Programmes Tailor Made for All Needs    

Sheet Music
Image by Thomas Kelley

Music Classes  

We have always been so proud of all the musicians who have come through Kilshanna's doors. They have won awards, prizes and applause all over the world. Friendships have been created through their group classes as they learn to create their own music. We are indeed in a privileged position to experience their development. Our classes cater for the very beginner to diploma and professional performers.

Vocal Classes

In Kilshanna we not only teach singing but we teach the correct breathing techniques and help our vocalists develop their voices at a natural pace so they will not experience vocal strain. Our students are encouraged to sing all genres to experience the entire vocal world that is open to them. Kilshanna junior and senior students are always among the top awards winners each year and develop a confident stage presence when they perform.

Speech & Drama -YouthTheatre

If you are a stage diva who longs to thread the boards as a Shakespearean actor or a budding screen star our classes encourage and develop all forms of stage craft from behind the scenes through to staging a entire production. Our speech improves confidence with public speaking whilst our class games help students improvise and develop their imagination. 

Musical Theatre

Have you ever dreamed of being a Broadway or West End star? Would you just like to be able to audition with confidence for your school musical? Maybe you just want to sing songs from musicals for fun? 

Classes offer vocal technique, song interpretation, character development, staging and moving a song, interpretation and performance of a song for audition, how to work on established scenes and routines from stage and film musicals to bring them to a performance level. 


Musicianship helps you understand the rudiments of how music is created and developed. Our classes help students develop their score writing harmony skills to encourage them create their own musical journey.

Leaving certificate courses are provided with concise notes and analysis of the course work.

All students sit their theory exams twice yearly and always excel in their results.

Languages & Core Grinds

We provide English, French, Spanish and Irish in our language courses with the language teachers helping not only in speaking but also with the written side of their subject.

Primary core grinds are also available in math, Irish and English, helping any student who needs a little encouragement and the course explained in more detail.