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?Who is Kilshanna


Kilshanna is an Arts studio where we are lucky to work with exceptionally talented artists of all ages who love to create.

We work with each student's strengths and weaknesses to create a star to shine in their own right both on stage and in everyday life.

We always limit class numbers so every student is heard and seen, where they learn the courage and skills to perform as a soloist and a group.


Kilshanna is a way of life and we adore our Kilshanna family.

Teach In Harmony


Covering Music, Singing, Speech & Drama, Dancing and Musicianship Theory we take pride in our students understanding the rudiments of the art they choose to study.


Successfully preparing students for a future where they can excel in whatever sphere they wish to shine.

Our past students excel in every walk of life and career they chose both on and off the stage.

Making life long friendships on their journey.

The Future Sounds Good

In Kilshanna we are so proud of how our students and teachers shone brightly throughout the recent pandemic.

We have successfully returned to live performances, camps, our competition and exam results are fantastic.


We are looking forward to our summer camps, concerts and an autumn musical.


The future looks bright for all our young stars


A Kilshanna Message




When we came to be Kilshanna it was a group of like minded professional, qualified teachers who love to teach their chosen skill to all ages and to watch as their young students grow into kind hearted and confident performers.

In Kilshanna we are so proud of all the talented and caring people who come through our doors, developing close friendships and become well rounded successful adults in their chosen life path. 

Enjoy your time in Kilshanna,

The Kilshanna Teachers

All our classes strictly adhere to the Government Covid Guidelines.


We’d love to hear from you!

Kilshanna Studio, 9 King St,Mitchelstown, Co. Cork Info@

Tel: 0868548331 

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