Who is Kilshanna...



We are an elite music and  performing arts studio, where exceptional talented performers of all ages train to perform together and solo.

Our highly creative classes are designed to nurture and challenge young talent.

Students in all spheres are consistently among the top award winners throughout the country. 

They develop their social and  

Teach In Harmony


Covering Music, Singing, Speech & Drama, Dancing and Musicianship Theory we take pride in our students understanding the rudiments of the art they choose to study. Successfully preparing students for a future where they can excel in whatever sphere they wish to shine.

Making life long friendships on their journey.

The Future Sounds Good

In Kilshanna we are so proud of how our students and teachers managed during the lock-down. Our results showed how truly amazing our students and teachers adapted to the pandemic classes.

Now we look forward to returning to in person classes and online for those a little further away.

The future looks bright for all our young stars


A Kilshanna Message




When we came to be Kilshanna it was a group of like minded professional, qualified teachers who love to teach their chosen skill to all ages and to watch as their young students grow into kind hearted and confident performers.

In Kilshanna we are so proud of all the talented and caring people who come through our doors, developing close friendships and become well rounded successful adults in their chosen life path. 

Enjoy your time in Kilshanna,

The Kilshanna Teachers

All our classes strictly adhere to the Government Covid Guidelines.


We’d love to hear from you!

Kilshanna Studio, 9 King St,Mitchelstown, Co. Cork Info@ kilshannastudio@gmail.com

Tel: 0868548331 

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